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Being a Project Leader in a eGovernance & mGovernance solutions provider company and mobile applications developer & trainer for the Android platform, I would like to share the experiences as a developer that one should not settle for the good and should target the best. Creative idea driven apps taking the market lead today, one should have balance of the UI/UX design and the performance of the application before the app was kept for public download. As an application developer, it would be better if you can design and generate the graphics for your own app. My blogs will take you to get some insights in to what you need to have in your arsenal before you start mobile application development.

A powerful and talented team of developers, a good agile methodology and underlined market launch should be always in the first line of priorities to develop mobile applications. Switching to mobile apps development from a very traditional desktop / server environment will make you celebrate but one should not be in the same conventional testing methodologies to test the mobile applications. As we have wide variety of devices looking out for customers from different vendors, your app should sit perfectly on every device you specify as your target.

Sindu Kethan blog on android apps development and training focuses on programming practices and optimization tips will help you in your journey of apps development. Having a good design before the development life cycle will place you a couple of steps above your bare foot. Powerful tools, IDEs and licensed entities can be used to make your application fool proof. My online training on Android Apps Development will start from the design, spending perfect time on the development and as a developer running the basic testing loops. My blogs and insights will help small businesses in seeing value to have an app for their business.


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