Android Online Training in Hyderabad


Android Online Training will be started with a an introduction with what types of applications you can develop for the Android devices. We will discuss what are the different categories we can develop applications for. We will elaborate on the differences between native, hybrid and mobile web applications. As Android application development is JAVA based, a few concepts from the core API’s has to be acquired in detail. Android application development forces the developer to have good knowledge on OOPS, classes, interfaces, callback methods, exception handling and threads. XML knowledge is required but absolutely nothing to worry it will be similar to your HTML tags.

We will get into a basic understanding of the process of publishing applications on the Google Play Store. Every application that is placed on the play store may not function effectively. We will delve in to the concepts of optimizing the application and test the application with respect to memory utilization and CPU performance. With all these concepts embedded in the right places in the application workflow, we will take the course forward. By the end of this course, you will be able to develop an application and place it on the Play Store. Android online training also includes the process of promoting your application to attract more number of users for your applications. This can be accomplished using the Google AdWords tool where you can start a campaign. We welcome you to the world of hAPPiness with your own apps on the Play Store. You will find at the end of the course that this will be the best Android Online Training in Hyderabad.

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