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Android Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Android Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad Android, the widely used platform by the device manufacturers has captured the major market share in the recent days. May be its open source feature and a rich set of API’s, it has been the first choice if device manufacturing is your motto. Having an overwhelming user base, the application developers and companies are giving the first priority to Android when their websites / products need to have a mobile application. The companies prefer to give a mobile application in addition to the portal / website they provide to their customers. Henceforth the upcoming mobile application developers / freelancers chose Android as the first one in their choice list. Android application development would be a bit easier and efficient if it is learnt from a trainer with an outstanding technical fitness and programming standards. Android online training will be given with an application oriented approach that includes a design , development and testing of the application.


Android online training, will be running with a basic target to develop and publish your own applications on the Google Play Store from your Google Publisher Account.  This would suit any level programmer who has already acquired some skills on Java programming and you need not be a very professional expertise in all the Java concepts. The training will kick-off with a discussion on categories of the Android applications. Applications can be classified based on their design, vendor ( provider ) and behavior. I will give you the freedom to frame your concept to develop an application and i will take the responsibility to guide from designing the wireframes, developing the UI, writing the business and testing the app. The android online training course will include amazing UI development.

Android Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Android Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Android Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Android Online Training in Hyderabad


Sindu Kethan Course Content Android

Confident by this time check for the new batches or read below for better insight.

  1. A thought process to come up with a concept / idea to develop the application in our android online training.
  2. Using the adequate design tool Adobe PhotoShop, as you need not wait for a graphic designer to grab / purchase the icons for your application.
  3. Designing layouts, including widgets, customizing widgets. Android UI will be accompanied with styles / themes as no one will like an application black and white. XML will be the core part. Nothing to worry, it will be close to the html syntax what you might have practiced in your early graduation days.
  4. Writing the business logic with no memory leaks to develop a performance intensive application. Activities should be developed for every screen.
  5. Navigating from one component to another component in the application. Open you gmail app, from login you will go to your inbox to see the list of mails once the user is authenticated.
  6. Using the predefined components that are already available on the device. To take a picture you need not develop a Camera component again, you can make use of the native camera application. You have Intents for this.
  7. Occasionally your application should listen what is happening on the device. If your application starts downloading a video file and if the internet is turned off in between, your application should pass on a message to the user why the download is not continuing. Broadcast Receivers will come to the rescue here.
  8. When you are synchronizing data, your application doesn’t have any right to block the user until the sync process is finished. You should do the process on behalf of a background service.
  9. Advanced API’s will be part of this Android online training like Firebase Cloud Messaging ( FCM ), Google Maps, Material design, Web Services, Social Networking Integrations.
  • What level of Java programming is necessary to take this Android online training ?

Yes. Without any doubt you require some Java programming basics to understand and code for Android applications. Taking your acceptance, i will take the Java concepts that are required for a good understanding of Android in the first week / weekend of the course. Though we will not use every piece we get from Java, there are a few concepts to be brushed up / learnt before i start sessions – OOPS, class, object, methods, callback methods, interface, abstract methods, exception handling, threads. If required my android online training will include the above concepts to have a better understanding.

  • What modes will be used to provide the training  ?

I will use the best online training mediums like GoToMeeting, Skype & WebEx. You need to have a good internet connection that doesn’t result in any downtime frequently.

  • Can we know about the trainer ?

I currently work as a Project Leader in an eGovernance & mGovernance company. I hold an experience of 10 years in the IT industry developing applications for the web and mobile. To start with i worked on web applications ( Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate ) and made a move into the mobile application development. I started with developing applications for the Nokia devices which led the mobile space in the previous times. I developed apps using J2ME ( Java 2 Micro Edition ) and then i was into Android application development. My core areas of expertise are Web Services which occupies the top slot to develop a mobile application that has data exchange Over The Air ( OTA ). I would like to do the customization of the UI rather than using something which is ready made. You will be experiencing a fantastic learning curve in my android online training.

  • What timings would be suitable to take this Android training ?

Online training will be taken as per the request from the attendee. If there are a group of people not exceeding 5 ( a maximum of 5 members in a group can be enrolled ), the session will be taken in the appropriate slot after taking acceptance from everyone. Most of the times sessions will be between 5 AM – 8 AM and 9 PM – 11 PM to avoid day duration as people will be engaged in their own works. I do conduct weekend training ( Sat & Sun ) for the working professionals.

  • Will the course gets finished off in the specified duration ?

A tough question to answer but i will make it. It depends on many factors like what is the application scope we are taking up in the beginning, what level of depth we are discussing, priority concepts etc. Additional sessions will be conducted in the weekends to compensate the delays occurring in between. I suggest not to compromise on the breadth and depth of the subject when you are learning. If it is so, certainly you should give me some additional time to teach. Android online training would be completed in 40 session with 1 hr 30 min per session.

  • What if the sessions are missed by the students for some reason ?

Recordings of the session will be shared every  next day after the session in your respective logins. You can watch this recording for the next 6 months from the date of sessions ending day. I require a day time to edit the recording, if there is any unnecessary content to be removed.

  • Any application will be developed during the course running days ?

The course will be purely application oriented. Right after the first week, once we finish the installations and configurations, we will be discussing about the application functional workflow. You will be allowed to add your ideas to the application. Once the concept is freezed we will start designing the wire frames and we will make a move into the development process. I can ensure that the application i will be taking, will have integrations of 90% of the concepts in Android we will be covering in the course. By the end of the course you will be in a confident position to develop an application on your own.

  • What about the support from the trainer once we are placed in a job ?

I will give you the support for all your technical stoppages. You can shoot me an email at as such whenever you require my help. You can leave a whatsapp message on my number +91-900-035-6666  if it has to be resolved instantly. As new versions of Android are getting released, weekend sessions will be conducted to bring awareness on what’s new in Android. This will be taken with a one week prior announcement.

  • What kind of infrastructure we require to start developing Android applications ?

Its simple. Already by this time you might be using a good hardware equipped laptops / PC’s, those will be sufficient. Explicitly to suggest a 4 GB or 8 GB RAM with the latest processor ( i3 and above ) machine is preferred. If your target is to develop a very high end gaming application ( 3D ) , graphics support is suggested.

  • Any support will be provided for resume preparation ?

Resume preparation is one area you will be getting good support from me. You need to face a technical interview which will be taken after the course to assess your skill set. Interview will be on both Java and Android. Depending on your performance, your resume will be stuffed with the skill set and projects. My android online training will place you in a good position to prepare your own resume.

Mr. Kethan, the trainer assigned by our consultancy to teach us Android application development has got enormous abilities to induce the concepts according to our level of understanding. The efforts and the time he has put in to teach us Android is appreciable. One can approach him to take the training if you really want to development an application on your own and his guidance is great. His communication skills are very much balanced. A good trainer with a great sense of accomplishment.

– Mr. Saket Mohan, USA

I have been looking to learn Native Android application development from a few days. I attended many demo sessions from many consultancies based out of Hyderabad. After much effort, finally Mr. Sindu Kethan has started the training myself being in a group of four. To be very specific i have to take the session from USA in my evening session and in India it would be around 5 AM IST. I would like to thank him for his punctuality in taking the sessions without any break. The course duration was a bit delayed because he took up some additional topics out of the course content.

– Mr. Jitendra Kumar

A very professional trainer to approach Android application online training. He is fantastic in explaining the tops which are of top priority from the interview and job point of view. He has the core ability to teach from the fundamental concepts wherever required. Its double the worth the money i have spent on the training. I would request him personally to conduct some workshops to bring awareness about the beauty of programming and application development.

– Lakshmi Prasanna

You are the best trainer who can teach Android at its very best. The kind of technical concepts you explained and building the application right away during the session has brought a sort of confidence in all of our team members. Now they are able to take up the tasks individually and they could complete them 0n time. The material and the web links what you have shared with them has become handy for them when they require support. I wish to have a long term association with you for our capacity building requirements.

– Mr. Dileep, Tehnical Architect