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Crazy Technologies for start up JOBS

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Startup world is growing with each passing day. A large number of startups demand the very best of the people. The HR personnnel look for the candidates who are rich in both technical and communication skills. You have some technologies what you can learn in short span to grab a job in the start up companies.

Mobile Application Developer ( Android / iOS )

Innovative apps are on the rise and that creates an inevitable need for developers. Android and iOS being the most widely used operating systems, have the most demand in this field. Companies are aggressively looking out for creative developers who can bring ideas to life on a mobile device. You can enroll for some online training / classroom training to learn these technologies.

UI/UX Designer

Just creating a website or an app isn’t enough. It needs to be pretty and convenient and most importantly do the job in an effective way. After all it does represent the brand. Startups are investing big in finding the right people who could make their website or app stand out from the crowd.

UI engineer

So you’ve decided what you want but now you also need to figure out the technicalities.  A UI engineer converts great designs into a fully functional machine that not only looks good but also does the job.  Skilled personnel here are a must in order to meet deadlines and save costs.

Digital Marketing Head

You have the most brilliant idea and the most impressive product but you still have to sell it. The online market is growing as we speak and harbours a vast population of potential customers.  There’s no wonder that Digital Marketing Heads are being frantically sought after to boost companies’ online presence.

Machine Learning/ Data Scientists

You’ve heard people say, “Data never lies” and there is truth behind it too. Corporates and startups alike are looking towards data to uncover hidden stories.  Correctly analyzing data can help identify loopholes and suggest the best way to move forward. The demand for Machine Learning/ Data Scientists is increasing many folds which makes it one of the hottest jobs at the moment.

Development Operations Manager

You’re always going to need people to help you scale, automate and monitor your systems. DevOps personnel play a key role in shaping the architecture of systems. Startups are looking towards experienced DevOPs managers who can handle and protect their systems in the most efficient way.

Python Developer

Python’s easy to understand and non-cluttered code has made it the language of the future. This has become the language of choice of many companies which makes Python developers a much needed resource.

Product Manager

Of course, ROIs are important and that’s the job of the product manager. Crafting the product to derive the optimum business value is their crucial task.  Startups are looking for people with proven experience who can make their product more market worthy.

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