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The world has become data driven and data centric. In our daily life we will be surfing internet to pick up the best deals and business according to our intentions. The search engines will crawl through enormous data hosted on high end data servers. Quering the data and bringing the data ready to be presented to the use will be one side of the coin. And how best the data is presented to the user in the easiest understandable way has become the pivot of success. We should go beyond the traditional spreadsheets and tables and a presentation should be designed that really makes an impact. The Tableau software ( which comes in different flavors ) can be used to convert the raw data into compelling data visualizations that allows the user to explore the data for themselves. It has become an ideal tool for analysts, researches, business persons, marketers. Tableau data analytics has been the current trend. They can use a dashboard, plot a graph, depict percentages and proportions, deal with uncertainty and  variation to name a few using this beautiful yet robust tool.

The software is available in the following variants

  1. Tableau Desktop ( User )
  2. Tableau Online ( Cloud )
  3. Tableau Server ( Enterprise )
  4. Tableau Mobile ( Portable )
  5. Tableau Public ( Common use )


  1. Drag and drop : It has a well structured drag and drop panel where you think of something it will be readily available to draw it on the canvas.You can visualize patterns at your own creative levels. Its speed is amazing and structures are perfect.
  2. Dashboards:  You might have thousands of data papers in your mind which should be programmed, but with a single dashbaord you can relax. Dashboards will pull the top rated and highly prioritized data from the dumps and one shot the user will know the trends and statistics. Tableau has the best supporting features to build dashboards.
  3. Depth: You are not satisfied with the statistics you got at the first level. No worries you can build deep linking to go to any level of depth in the visualization process. You can correlate, analyze trends and do data mining with this Tableau software.
  4. Presentations: Though it is close dashboard in vocabulary, the semantics are a bit different. The presentation you build should have its virtual voice. It should speak and it should allow the user to explore in line with his intent. You can build powerful stories using this Tableau software.
  5. Databases :  You take your startup database like a spreadsheet or access, an enterprise database like MySQL or Oracle, host the database on the cloud Tableau can communicate with all these databases seamlessly. Feed in the appropriate database credentials and the targeted data sets, Tableau will work with a laser-targetted approach.
  6. Time : Though our thought process will begin from the fundamentals, we cannot take a chance of writing everything from the fundamentals when you want to development something very fast and more accurate. Tableau will come to the rescue here.

Tableau software has become lopsided pushing all the smaller ones to the other side of the data analytics segment. Licences were high priced, you can have a try at the Desktop version.

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