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Keywords and keyword research are essential and the backbone of the SEO process. Keywords are used just about every where. You feed a collection of words to Google search engine, it will come up with a page full of relevant search results ( Search Engine Results Page - SERP ). The collection of words is termed as keyword. Search engines depend on the keywords in their search engine ranking algorithms. These keywords should embedded in the web pages in any of the forms like meta-tags, anchor tags, image alt text, sub headings in the content etc. The number of keywords you embed in the content will be keyword density and for this standards will be defined. Once cannot stuff the keywords deviating from the standards.

Picking the right combination of words is vital to begin with. The page copy word relationship is what the search engines will look for. We have tools today to do keyword research and utilization. You should not pick up a keyword which will not bring traffic to your website / blog. Prioritizing the keyword list is essential. Keyword popularity is a moving target for many keywords. Sound SEO calls for a sound keyword strategy.

Keyword types

  1. Broad keywords - extremely competitive, lower conversion rate.
  2. Narrow keywords ( Long tail keywords ) - low competition, higher conversion rate.

There is a delicate balance between the volume of searches and the number of words in your keyword.

Open source keyword research tools

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Quintura search
  3. Reference
  4. Glossarist

Commercial keyword research tools

  1. Keyword elite
  2. Keyword discovery
  3. Wordtracker

Implementing a keyword strategy is optimizing the content for your keywords that are researched. SEO process ( on-page ) takes time to give you the results as they depend on many factors. Monitor the website statistics using Google Analytics and other tracing softwares.


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