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Native – Hybrid – Mobile web apps

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The mobile industry is evolving; whether it is platforms, devices, technologies, features, network models or exploration of application use cases, the speed of change for any one of these technologies means that businesses must give serious thought before investing in creating their own applications. To address these challenges, the industry as a whole is looking for a single code base that can work across multiple platforms and devices to develop consumer apps and enterprise apps. In addition to the above, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that are emerging in the industry accelerate the need for a single code base on the web, with little or no footprint on the device to easily manage applications. Before taking the dive into the hybrid approach, it is worthwhile to discuss other potential solutions.

1.Native apps

Built using the device’s native programming language,native apps only run on their designated platform.For example, Android apps can’t run on iOS and iOS apps can’t run on Android.Native apps are distributed through their respective platform’s marketplace/app store and installed on the device itself.

2.Mobile web apps

Mobile web applications run in the device’s browser and operate across all platforms. For example,a mobile web app works equally well on Android,iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phones.Unlike native apps, mobile web apps are distributed via the web, and are not installed on the device itself.It’s important to note the differences between a mobile web page and a mobile web app. While often confused, mobile web apps and mobile web pages are quite different. A mobile web page is a static HTML/CSS/Javascript page formatted for use on a mobile device. A mobile web app connects to a back end database and requires underlying business logic.

3.Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are a cross between native apps and mobile web apps. A hybrid app is a mobile web app wrapped in a platform-specific shell.This platform-specific shell gives the application native qualities, such as full device integration, native installation,and app store/market distribution

Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web apps

Features support ( overview )

Native, Hybrid and Moibe web apps features support


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