Sindu Kethan iPhone 7 and 7 Plus release

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

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                    Apple, has unveiled its marvels iPhone 7 and 7plus which will be kept in the stores for sale from October 7th. The launch price of iPhone 7 is 60,000 INR with 32 GB internal storage will be a bit lower than its earlier release iPhone 6s.  When it comes to the debate what is new with iPhone 7, that first competitor would be Android. iPhone fanatics and Androiders will not let their voices down at any stage on the stage is set for the war of words.  As always it would be interesting to look into what is missing, what's new and what is look forward for the next updates, let us dwell deep into the cosmetic and non-cosmetic changes made to both the models.


                   Apple, has been putting enormous efforts into image capturing from its earlier 2-3 releases. Cameras that come with iPhone perform well and the concern with the the earlier releases is low light image capturing. To overcome this, Apple has added a larger f/1.8 aperture and a four-LED flash with warm tones. Image stabilization has been concentrated in the current release and it was optical. The rear camera has 12MP lens on iPhone 7. In addition it was added with 12MP telephoto on iPhone 7plus to make high quality zoom possible. The device comes with a dual rear camera. The front camera was upgraded to 7MP. After the release, certain features are to be checked like how best is the field effect, night mode scenarios, tagging etc.


                 As before iPhone 7 comes with a 4.7" and iPhone 7Plus comes with a 5.5" displays. The rear part of the device has been smooth and looks good with a polished look giving a firm grip. The 2 new colors black and jet black will be adding to the set replacing the old grey color finish. The display resolution is pretty the same 1334 X 750 px. The color management and the display has been significantly improved.

 "Both the releases are made dust and water resistant which was tried from a longer time."


                Without a compromise in the price factor, that storage limits has been doubled - 16GB has been replaced with 32 GB and 64GB with 128GB and 128GB upgraded to 256GB. This will push the customer number a bit higher. Battery comes with 1,715 mAh which will give a better stand by time and run time as well.

                The device comes with a quad core processor ( A10 fusion chip ). You can starting using graphics and enjoy for some extra time when compared with the earlier releases. iOS 10 is always here which adds to the hardware and the better looks of the device. Have to wait and see whether iOS 10 update will be available for the previous generations.

               Go to an App Store where you don't find any other flavors like Android and buy the device at the best price. An iPhone will be loved better when you start using it.







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