Month: October 2016


XML, or the Extensible Markup Language to give it its full title, is a system- and hardware-independent  language for defining data and its structure within an XML document. An XML document is a Unicode text file that contains data togetherREAD MORE

AWS – Security Aspect

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a scalable cloud computing platform designed for high availability and dependability,providing the tools that enable you to run a wide range of applications. Helping to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your systems andREAD MORE

SEO – Keyword Research

Keywords and keyword research are essential and the backbone of the SEO process. Keywords are used just about every where. You feed a collection of words to Google search engine, it will come up with a page full of relevantREAD MORE

e-Governance – Interactions

It is evident that e-Governance is intrinsically linked with the development of computer technology, networking of computers and communication systems. In developing countries, such technologies and systems became available with a perceptible time lag as compared to developed nations. However,READ MORE

Mobile Ads – Rules

Despite spending a humongous sum on mobile advertising, advertisers are not able to reap the desired results Most of the advertisers are continuously cramming the buzz word “Mobile First” these days and pushing the same with a lot of capital.READ MORE

Water Drink Reminder

Think of water as a nutrient your body needs that is present in liquids, plain water, and foods. All of these are essential daily to replace the large amounts of water lost each day. In fact, it has become theREAD MORE

Native – Hybrid – Mobile web apps

The mobile industry is evolving; whether it is platforms, devices, technologies, features, network models or exploration of application use cases, the speed of change for any one of these technologies means that businesses must give serious thought before investing inREAD MORE

Gradle tool

Gradle, is a build script used to build an Android project. This build.gradle file called by convention will be the configuration file which makes the build system independent of the IDE, Android Studio. Gradle favors convention over configuration and providesREAD MORE

Web Services

REpresentational State Tranfer ( REST ) by itself is not an architecture. It defines a set of rules and constrains, when applied while designing an application, create a software architectural style. The application will have peculiar roles defined for data,READ MORE

Memory Management

Thread class in Android is no different from the Thread class in regular Java programming. When the application starts, it will get an implementation of the Linux native thread. The thread class creates the execution environment for tasks, that areREAD MORE

Open Source Programming

Having many programming languages introduced so far, you may be in a state of confusion which will be best fit for your needs and requirements. When you about to chose a programming language, several points pass through our minds whichREAD MORE

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

                    Apple, has unveiled its marvels iPhone 7 and 7plus which will be kept in the stores for sale from October 7th. The launch price of iPhone 7 is 60,000 INR with 32 GB internal storage will be a bitREAD MORE


                       Mobile application, the buzzword sitting on the top of the list has created dramatic changes in how people can get the services in wireless mode. Though you own a very hyper active website responding in less than 2-3 seconds,READ MORE


                Walnut, money management app will come to your rescue when you reach the cash out limit. It will pick up some information from what you have on your mobile. It will monitor your SMS inbox and implicitly it willREAD MORE


UBER – ORDER RIDES WITHOUT APP Uber, the American Multinational online transportation network company, is one of the best when it comes to transport. It develops, markets and operates the Uber Mobile app that allows customers to submit a tripREAD MORE