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      Companies where we work will have the HR department and their process areas standalone and half way connected manually. Its high time these process areas were integrated and everything will work instant and seamless. A platform is the need of the day where different implicit apps of the company can take their positions. Put up the priority apps and with no doubt all your employees will be on their job anywhere and anytime.

      If you are an employee who travel very frequently to remote client places, undoubtedly your return baggage will be puffed up with no less than 15-20 cab receipts, 2 to 3 hotel stay receipts and 30-40 food receipts. It will not take less than 2 to 3 days work to accumulate every thing to put them up to the HR department. Do you really have the need to carry all these papers ? Certainly no with the technology taking the lead, unless manual submission process is enforced. Here the apps will come to your rescue, snap pictures of all the receipts, upload and ensure there in your HR department head inbox.  Your job is done and your return baggage is zero size.

    Some process areas of the HR department like attendance,payroll, appraisal etc can be app driven. Be it one app or individual downloads for every process area, certainly they will be used the people in the respective areas. Jobs delivered by the HR department will take a new look and the biggest change will creep in within no time. Build your company play store from which employee can download the apps they require for their office routines.

  Apps that catches employees nerve also calls for imagination and creativity. Filter the content that has to be reflected on the mobile platform compared to web. All the bytes on the web pages need not be on the mobile app. Integrating the app with the existing web based system also plays a major role. Experience always drives the engagement where the opposite way may not work. When you post vacancies employees will be get notifications for internal references, you host an event employees will give their acceptance, employee will post his requirement you can immediately serve him and many more you can do with your thumb and forefinger. Trust the app it will do everything for you. 



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